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Accounts Assistant & Computer Operator

As an accounts assistant and computer operator you leverage financial and technical skills for productivity. Your expertise maintains data, runs reports and ensures accuracy. With technical ability you operate systems, troubleshoot issues and maximize efficiency. Your diverse talents optimize accounting insights and processes.
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An Accounts Assistant & Computer Operator is a multifaceted role that combines accounting support tasks with computer operation responsibilities. This position involves assisting in managing financial records, processing transactions, and handling invoices, while also performing computer-based tasks like data entry, database management, and maintaining IT systems. The role requires a solid foundation in accounting principles, proficiency in financial software, and strong computer skills. Accounts Assistants & Computer Operators play a crucial role in ensuring accurate financial data management and efficient operation of computer systems within an organization, often acting as a bridge between accounting and IT departments.

This role is a blend of financial expertise and technical proficiency, making it a unique and exciting career path. It’s also known as Accounting Clerk, Bookkeeping Assistant, or Data Entry Operator in some organizations.

The role is evolving with the digital transformation of the finance industry. Automation and AI are becoming increasingly prevalent, but rather than replacing this role, they’re enhancing it. The ability to work with these technologies is becoming a valuable asset.

Regarding diversity and inclusion, the finance and tech industries have been making strides to improve representation. There’s a growing recognition of the value of diverse perspectives in these fields, and many companies are implementing initiatives to attract and retain diverse talent.

The role is common in various industries, from finance and banking to retail and manufacturing. Any business with financial transactions and data management needs could hire for this role.

Job Description

You’ll play a crucial role in maintaining financial records and managing data. Your main purpose will be to assist in the smooth running of the finance department by performing tasks such as data entry, invoice processing, and account reconciliation.

You’ll also be responsible for operating computer systems, ensuring data accuracy, and troubleshooting any technical issues. This dual role requires a unique blend of financial knowledge and technical skills, making it a dynamic and interesting position.

Duties and Responsibilities

Your duties will be varied, encompassing both financial and technical tasks. On the financial side, you’ll be responsible for processing invoices, reconciling accounts, and assisting with audits. On the technical side, you’ll be responsible for data entry, maintaining databases, and troubleshooting computer systems.

Other duties include:

  • Preparing financial reports
  • Assisting with budget preparation
  • Maintaining financial files and records
  • Ensuring data security and confidentiality

Skills and Qualifications

This role typically requires a minimum of a high school diploma, although an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, or a related field can be advantageous. Previous experience in a similar role is also beneficial.

Key skills for this role include:

  • Proficiency in accounting software (e.g., QuickBooks)
  • Strong computer skills, including proficiency in MS Office
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Strong numerical skills
  • Good communication and teamwork skills

Career Path

This role is often a stepping stone to more senior positions in finance or IT. With further education and experience, you could progress to roles such as Accounts Manager, Financial Analyst, or IT Specialist.

Salary Range

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ USA$30,000$45,000$60,000
πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί Europe€25,000€35,000€45,000
These are rough estimates based on our independent research from popular job board websites. Naturally, these salary ranges will vary based on factors such as where you live and your prior experience.

The job market outlook for this role is positive, with steady demand expected due to the ongoing need for financial record-keeping and data management.

Interview Process

The interview process typically involves a combination of behavioral and technical questions. You may also be asked to complete a practical task, such as a data entry test or a problem-solving exercise.

Are you actively pursuing this position? If yes, check out our πŸ—’οΈ Resume Example and βœ‰οΈ Cover Letter for this role and our detailed βœ… Interview Questions page to help you understand the interview process.

🏷️ Additional Details

  • Working Conditions – This is typically a full-time office-based role, although remote working is becoming more common. The role may involve some overtime during busy periods, such as the end of the financial year. Travel requirements are usually minimal.
  • Reporting Structure – In most organizations, you’ll report to an Accounts Manager or Finance Manager. Depending on the size and structure of the company, you may also work closely with a team of other Accounts Assistants and Computer Operators.
  • Professional Development – There are many opportunities for professional development in this role. You might choose to pursue further qualifications in finance or IT, or to specialize in a particular area such as financial analysis or database management.
  • KPIs – Key performance indicators for this role might include the accuracy of data entry, the timeliness of financial processing, and the successful resolution of technical issues.
  • How to find work – Networking can be a valuable strategy for finding work in this role. Joining professional organizations or online forums can provide opportunities to connect with others in the field. Job boards, recruitment agencies, and company websites are also good sources of job listings.
  • Average workday – A typical workday might involve processing invoices, entering data into the system, reconciling accounts, and troubleshooting any technical issues. The role offers a good work-life balance, with regular hours and minimal travel.


The role of an Accounts Assistant & Computer Operator offers a unique blend of financial and technical work, making it a dynamic and interesting career path. It’s a role that offers good job satisfaction, a stable job market, and opportunities for professional development.

Notable companies that excel in this role include major financial institutions, tech companies, and large corporations. The role can be challenging, but the rewards of keeping a business’s financial records in order and ensuring smooth data management are significant.

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